Inner World Travels are a incredible tool to get to know your inner world, to explore it and to experience yourself in a new way.


More freedom?

More ease and joy?

More contentment?

Discovering your power place inside of yourself?


Process oriented Innerworld Travel


Inner world travel helps us to detangle old traumas and entanglements which we carry with us most of the time since our childhood.

This enables us to really make free and self-reliant decisions for ourselves without being influenced by old habits and patterns.


These old beliefs, patterns and habits can keep us in a loop of recurring events and emotions. The root of these is not visible to us most of the time and often not accesible through logic deduction because it is buried deep within our subconscious.

Children´s memories, old hurts, everything that has been deeply stored within can be transformed and released during an Inner World Travel by working in our morphogenetic field.


Old burdens will be lifted and new levels of ease,  energy and joy can enter  your life. 


Compensation & Duration


Compensation Innerworld Travel: 120€

Process oriented Innerworld Travel: 150€


Duration: Between 60 and 120 Minutes


If you cannot attend in person there is the possibility to work via Skype or Zoom, please contact me and we will find the best way for you.