Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching is an approach which uses information read from your morphogenetic field in order to find and remove blockages in your energetical body.


There are many different energy centers  influencing our mental and bodily health and well being.

Usually these can be partially blocked by old stuck emotions, trauma or other stagnant elements which we have not properly dealt with and put away into our subconciousness.


By starting to consciously deal with and approach these topics you can gain new levels of personal freedom, joy, ease and abundance in your life.



Some of the techniques I use are..

  • Aura Reading
  • Chakra Harmonisation
  • Heart Reading
  • Vitality Scan
  • Reading in the soul book
  • Remote Viewing
  • Emotional Levelling
  • Connection to your Higher Self
  •  Software Map
  • Trance Healing

Which one of the tools is best suitable for you will show itself during our work together.


Questions? Don´t hesitate to contact me:

Compensation & Duration


Compensation: 120€

Duration: ca. 90 Minutes



If you cannot attend in person there is the possibility to work via Skype or Zoom, please contact me and we will find the best way for you.