For all of my life I´ve been passionate about people.

I love to see them grow.

Love observing and aiding them to discover all of their facets

and bringing their best, most vibrant and successful self to life.

My own story has made me mindful of

thoughts and our learnt way of thinking.

It has shown me

how strong our subconsciousness and our upbringing

influence our daily decisions.

So I started on a journey.

To myself.

And to a deeper understanding of Life itself.




Some random facts about me


- 28 years-old business graduate (Purchase and warehousing and logistics)

- curious, lively, open to new things,inquisitive

- I love to challenge you

- Certified High Performance Coach certified by the High Performance Academy

- Sensitive and psychic counsellor certified by Bahar Yilmaz & Jeffrey Kastenmüller

- Innerworld Coach certified by Dennis Möck-Ludwig  


Your growth is my passion.